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Friggin Cooold 
It's cold.

Ya I was Right, maybe 
Sure enough, a bit of coffee and everything felt better. Next time I'm going to try a can of Mountain Dew instead of coffee, and see if that helps too. If so, then my hypothesis holds!

My Feet Feel Like Ice Blocks 
Everything else feels fine, but my feet are freezing. I wonder if it's because I haven't had my coffee yet this morning... and I almost always have a cup or two. So say my heart sets itself up (conditions itself I guess) to start pumping at a lower level, knowing that the coffee caffeine will boost production. Hm... well that tells me only one thing. It's time for some coffee, I want to warm my feet.

May Day 
So May Day is looking more and more appealing for the crawfish time. Not too early, not too late. Saturday, May 1st, with events leading up to it the week before. This is my vote. Anyone object?

Chili Chili bo Billy 
Man that stuff was hot. Apologies to those who didn't like it, and props to those who did. A couple of lessons learned:
1. Slow cooked Habaneros are hot, and sometimes are not a good substitution for green peppers, and
2. Slow cooked Chili powder packs a punch too.

I'm a bit scared to try the leftovers with an extra night's seasoning now, but I figure I can handle it after a day of rest. My eyelids are starting to sweat just thinking about this.

What's kind of funny is that I just remembered that I had a salad to serve too; still in the fridge...

What a blur of a week 
All started off with the fun fun wedding for my good friends Mark and Jules, and rolled along from there. Congratulations again to the two of you, and thank you so much for letting me catch the garter. It was a madcap competition for Linds and I, and of course I came out the winner. Well, really I hope everyone came out winners. It was a heck of a lot of fun to be so many good folks there, and I couldn't think of celebrating the Devore's perfect match with any other lady than the beautiful Miss Lindsay.

Is the last Sunday in May - May 30th. Monday May 31st is Memorial Day. I'm just jotting these down here so that I remember them. Right now it's about $266 a person to leave on Saturday and return on Monday via NWA.com.

Up On The Sex World 
Up on the Deja Vu, rhino's pause,
Out jumps hairy old Santa Claus.
Down through the chimney with lots of horns,
All for the sexy ones, Christmas joys.
Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn't go? Ho ho ho! Maxwell wouldn't go!
Up on the Sheiks, honk,
beep, fart!
Down through the chimney with Long Saint Nick.
First comes the bra of little Nell.
Yowsa! Dear Santa, fill it well!
Giver her a cup that walks and cries.
One that will thrust and shut her eyes.
Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn't go? Ho, ho, ho! Lindsay wouldn't go!
up on the Shooters, oink,
moo, rawr!
Down through the chimney with lovey-dovey Saint Nick.

Thanks to Baker Lady for that wonderful Mad Libs rendition.

Really, they're not much fun. Same stuff you had yesterday, oh how delightful go ahead and have it again today. But I do like some kinds of leftovers: KFC chicken; cold pizza; this awesome soup that linds made last night, with the swirly straight noodles and all; spicy chili... all I can think of right now. Mac and cheese isn't too much fun, and a lot of things might be more fun if I had a microwave. But it's a heck of a lot more fun to go out and Create New food for the night. Or to Purchase New Food for the night. Heck. "New" is mostly good when it comes to food, right. The only time "Old" is really good for food is with wine, whiskey, sometimes soup, chili, what else. Leftovers are cheap, that part is good. So what about a store that has two fronts. It sells soups and chili and pizza. On the one side, it sells nice hot juicy spicy fresh one of a kind awesome stuff. The other side, it sells the cold old cheap day-old soup, chili, and pizza that it couldn't sell the day before. The reason for two sides is that the one side would have to be decked out like a Panera bread or such. The other side would be more slummy, like the kind of place a thrifty Jane would eat at for lunch. Hm I like this idea. And it would be even better if they served whiskey too. Whiskey on the rear end, fresh beer on the front. Ah that would be nice. Usually, I don't really like leftovers, but this seems like a fun idea.

Fire up well it is the first of the new year and that means folks it is time to start planning for the second annual SLP crawfish boil. By habit I would call it "the second annual mistermaxwell.com crawfish boil", but I'm not so sure that this is really appropriate any more. Reason: there are a heck of a lot more people involved than just me, like boarder, boarder, baker lady, jirik, tina and her 'tatoes, TW, and more.

So the name should be changed, but I don't have a good official title to start with yet. I'm looking for ideas. And there is a new section dedicated just to the mud bugs. Well, really it's the same place as before, but now it's a new format. Leave comments here or there. The first order of business is to discover our name. The second order is to select a date. That's where it starts, and we'll go from there.

How about "The Second Annual SLP MudBugs 4 ME Festival"?

Read in the StarTrib this morning that there may be a fourth JRR Tolkien release up sometime here; I haven't seen the third LoR movie yet, but I've heard it is good. Would be fun to see another flick in the pipeline, and a chance to see more of the New Zealand sights!

I'm exhausted this morning. I got a lot of sleep yesterday too. Thank Goodness that it's only a one day week today!! Go Wild.

Fire up for sleeping in and watching football. Maybe cleaning the house too. Props everyone who called a cab last night for where they wanted to go. GB Leighton was fun. Dancing at 2812 was possibly more fun. Badgers lost that's no good, but Goofers won so cheers there.