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All right, well 
I think I can write about it now. Wisco won a couple of rounds, but aren't going to win it all like I picked in my bracket. I don't know how to link to it from espn's site, or I'd put it here. Was hoping for a Big Ten Final Four though... so I didn't do so well, but I stuck with the teams I liked! The Badgers won a few at least, and that is good. Big Ten kind of in the druthers (is that a word?) this year, but football is just around the corner, and WCHA in action now.

Oh, and congratulations to the Gophers Ladies for making it to the Final Four for the first time!

I think it is all about time. We're only here for a bit. xx minutes. Don't know how long really, right now, could be 20 minutes more, could be 2,000,000,000 (that'd be nice, assuming they are all Effective minutes :). So, say I watch college hoops all afternoon. 4 hours= 240 minutes. Good way to spend time? Say I do a menial job for 15 of my 40 hours of the week. That's 900 minutes. Is it worth it? Is the fulfillment of the other 30 work hours what makes it worthwhile (because without one, can't have the other...)? What about the time spent going over finances. 60 minutes a month? Too much, too little? What if I spend 65 minutes, am I going to be richer? Maybe if I spend the extra 5 minutes a month, I will be .001% richer this year? Is it worth it? I spose it gets into a cycle: how about the 2 minutes I've been typing. I'm writing a en entry for my blog. If I spend 3 minutes more, I'll be at the 5 more minutes, that would have given me .001% more richness this year. Is it worth it? Is there a way to measure this, besides the Gut feeling? Ah, I'm thinking no; I'm thinking that the Gut feeling is IT. But I mean, everyone has the same minutes in a day (1440). Why is one Joe unhappy, and another Jane is on top of the world? What am I getting at... I'm not sure. Some definition of fulfillment? Don't know. I guess, if a body is happy, things are well. And if a body is unhappy, time for a change. The change part, that I have no idea on. Change goals? Change effort? Sleep less? Sleep more? What to change, who knows. I think I'm over my 5 minutes, gotta go.

Roller coaster 
Well they were down down and then up up up; Badgers came back a couple of days ago. Fire up for Pitt this afternoon. Wish I would 'ave planned a trip to the Bradley Center for it, but sounds like there're a bunch of RED in the stands already. Been a little out of it here recently with a pollonidal cyst... kind of sucks, but getting better quickly. Doc said I'd be back in the saddle on Friday, but didn't work out so well. Good thing I've the kind Baker Lady to take care of me :)

6 Seed? 6 Seed? 
Maybe it's just a play to set up a cinderilla story, I don't know. Here's to our Wisco's coming through with flair. Go Bucky go!

Fun time out bowling last night. As always, not very good, but it was fun. Rediscoved the fun to be had with ping pong at Jonny's. Trying to figure out a local place with a table... might try some sweet talkin' with the folks at 2812 on that one. One upon at time there were some folks named Smooth Steve, Patient Padraig, and more who flung the ping around a bit. Might be a nice summertime activity for non-"Buck Night" nights...

Willy Wonka and the White Factory 
Never seen Willy Wonka's stuff, but it sounds good anyhow. Waking up to a wintery mess this morning. It's white all over. Gonna be a long commute for some, sure 'nuff!

Stomach doing well this morning. It was gurgling some last night before the lights went out, but I think that was more from the French Silk Pie than anything else. At least, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the meat.

So, got the coffee on. New can of Maxwell House (of course!) this morning. Been sticking to Original, Master Blend, French Roast, or Columbian Supreme, be-cause they seem to work better in my Mr Coffee coffee maker. Hazelnut and French Vanilla must have some extra stuff in them, 'cause I always end up with some rind floating in the top of my cup. Only happens for these two types, I'm guessing it's some kind of flavoring that seems to float instead of sink to the bottom. Ah lo and behold, first cup is black as mud on top, no floating flakes. Very good. Makes my morning.

French Silk Pie 
Stopped by my folks' last night and had some delicious French Silk Pie. It is absolutely my favourite kind of pie. Actually I brought the pie over, so it's not like they hand made it or anything. But the good part about bringing the pie over, is that I also ended up taking the pie home. So tonight's dinner was a celebrated one. One the menu? Well, French Silk Pie, of course! A few slices of ham and some swiss cheese too, but mostly it was the French Silk Pie :) I love getting away with this kind of thing. Anyhow, speaking of ham, I left my ham sitting out last night. Still looks ok, and so far I'm doing good, so I think it's fine. Heck I just bought it yesterday, so it's dang fresh. It's gotta last me all weekend!